Discussion time: We don’t talk anymore.

Hi guys good morning,

How are you feeling this morninggggggggggg!!! I missed you guys, I know we spoke like last week but it feels as if we haven’t talked in a long ass time.

In case you didn’t know (being a sly that you are) yesterday was my birthday yesterday yes 25th of June was my birthday and I had so much fun.

Thank you for your calls, prayers, messages, your mails and your wishes. Really guys thank you. I had like the most amazing party with my family members, i felt so loved but anyway that’s that, that’s in the past let’s jump into the topic for today.

I am currently speaking into a microphone right now, like I am using a personal assistant (that is voice to speech application) on my phone so my Godddddddddddddd it is so relieving.

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DTTD: Ajuwaya Diaries: 5 prayer points for a Lagos Corp member.

Awww, my name is Oreofe and i am scum!!! Guyssssss, how did you ever let me finish NYSC without giving you updates of all the funny, not so funny, teary, not so teary moments i passed through in and out of campppppppp!



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Life lately: June, my tired is tired!

Hey guyssss!!!

Happy new month to you! Welcome to my birthmonth, the month of June! (Yay, presents!!!). #the only month that matters πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Truthfully speaking, if i could make a wish i would wish for stability in the world. It’s as if the whole world is jumping from frying pan to fire at the same damn time. June please be good to us.

Soooooo back to the matter for today which isssssss life lately, a discussion series on how the past month went!

I started this segment because most times, we get so caught up in where we are headed that we absolutely forget where we were coming from and what it took us to stand in this present moment.

You know how they say too many things are happening at the same time yea? That has been my life since May 1st and it has extended into the very first few days of June.

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Q and A: I am not saying men are not sexually abused, but today we are talking about the sexual abuse of women!!!

I don’t know guys, i don’t feel like i can ever leave my WordPress classic editor alone, everrrrr. That block edit thing is just not working for meeeee!!!

Soooo i got lots and lots of questions from you guys, but I am going to take the question by order of how they were sent in. If you stilllll don’t know what we are talking about then you my friend are very wrong, click here to catch up you sly.

The first question goes:

What made you start a blog, by the way?

Emmm this is actually something i’ve talked about before so therefore i am going to link it, yeah i’m going to link it. So if you are interested in the answer to this question kindly click this link. Yazzz thanks.

Without further adooooo. Our question to be treated today is actually two in one and it goes:

Are all guys the same? Sexual harassment and rape, who’s to blame when a girl visits a guy and gets raped?

For the sake of originality I have decided to leave this question the way it was asked.

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KIRWO: should your partner buy your friend’s drinks at an outing?

Hey guyssssss! It’s me again, yazzzzz and i am back with the very first episode of keeping it real with Oreo (KIRWO) a discussion session for real life relatable issues (oh if you are lost, like you haven’t seen the life of Oreofe time table which probably meansssss you are either not loyal or you are a first timer click here to view).

Soooooo without futher adoooo (in Kloe Kardashian’s voice who my father happens to love very much).

Today we do have a steaming topicccccc up for discussions peopleee, it reads: If you are with your partner and he buys you a drink and doesn’t offer to get your friend one too, he wasn’t raised right and you should let him go.

Rolls eyes. The wasn’t raised right part of this discussion or letting him go part isn’t the issue here. If you ask me it’s kind of an exaggeration to/on the matter so kindly forget it in your mind πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—.

Although i have experienced this scenario like consecutively with my friend’s

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4 year’s gone already! A new timetable for Life of Oreofe

Hi guyssssss!

Today, i mark the 4th year anniversary of this blog 😁😁😁😁 (i have finally found a reason to say stay jiggy!!!) And in honour of giving my blog a transformed direction, i have decided to create a timetable for different segments of discuss according to weeks.

A friendly reminder that if you haven’t subscribed you are playing yourself and my. village. people. will. locate. you 😠😠😠

So, the order of events are as follows:

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E go be. Code name for last, last everything will be alright.

I know, i know and i am sorry. Today i take this “L” with my chest and own the fact that i have been away for so long.

Asides the fact that i finished NYSC in 2019, yes i was an Otondo (white fowl 😠😠😠 annoying slang for corp member).

Enrolled for a master’s degree program late 2019 😫😫😫 in Nigeria of all places while juggling the last few months of NYSC (yea, life comes at you fast operation JAPA is gonna have to wait a teeny wee bit),

A bunch of confused thoughts over major life directional decisions, the direction to take

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