What my eyes saw as a yoruba ride operator at a water park

Ewoooooo, hmmmm. This summer, i did a rotation program at a resort and at this point i can say i am a certified hospitality provider.

Sooooo, today i will be sharing lessons which i picked up serving as a ride operator at America’s largest indoor water park.

Well lets move on to the subject at hand, now that you have seen my perfectly curled afro. But wait oh this fall season cold is not even in this world at all.

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Wait! What!! Period Mood Swing issa thing?

Lol, i never knew period mood swings was quite something for the feminine gender tho (as if i am masculine). I always thought women were always being over dramatic about it and exaggerating the effects.

Some confess to going on a waterworks journey or spending sprees, or just lounging away while eating way way too much junk. Oreofe could have

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My second clubbing experience in the Obodo’s (AKA. USA)

Mehnnn, if only you guys knew the position i was in when i was writing this, you would truly laugh. Let’s just say it involves a certain somebody performing the act of hiding in the toilet just to make a blog update (don’t ask me why or who biko 😩😩😩).

Sooooo your favourite girl has lot’s and lot’s of gist for you ohhhh but anyway we will gossip about them, one after the other! Yes oh, starting today today.

As you know me, my curiosity will not kill me or put me in wahala one day. Say amen!

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Ngwanu, do you enjoy being called a hoe or a hammer?

This post is something i won’t speak about on a normal day, but anyways normal is boring kwa.

When i talk about *oe and hammer i am not talking about farming implements according to popular demand. But yes ohhhhh, the issue of name calling is gradually becoming the new “in thing” in our society today.

In the short 20 years i have spent in this life, i can categorically say it

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Lessons my ex’s taught me finale: taking back your EX.

Hi guy’s 😣😣😣 it’s been a long time coming and i am about to have another heartbreak just ending this series but anyway “za showz biz musta go onz” i hope you learnt a thing or two from poking your nose down the memory lane of my relationship experiences and advice. Anyway, this series is ending today “sefini”

Lol, right from time you will notice i have a kim possible spirit and this is not different

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Book Review: Born a crime by Trevor Noah

Guyssssss, come and read something i can’t keep calm about. You Know i always get this existed when i do one thing.

Ding, ding, ding correct REVIEWSSSSSS!

Today, i would be reviewing a book i started two months ago but got the courage to finish today. Don’t blame me, blame hmmmm, well i don’t know.

The book to be reviewed is Trevor Noah’s (yes, you heard right, the Comedian) Born A Crime. It actually is a good excellent read. I wish everyone could read it, more specifically members of the black community.

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Visiting an adult shop as an ADULT.

Sooo i am going to try so hard, so, so hard, not to be raw in my writing before my mother will actually drag me by my ears, back to the village (not that Ibadan is a village tho) but mehnnn, i no fit.

Enhenhhhh, back to the topic of today, guys ohhhhhh, that was how i carried my two legs,

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