My natural hair struggles (the first of many to come).

My natural hair struggles.

When i cut my hair, my friends took charge of the scissors and as it was going snip, snip on my head, I felt like we were going on this big spiritual journey together as they gushed and kept on  welcoming me to the natural hair life.

Well it has been awesome these last four natural months.

First i was blessed with the struggles of combing my hair daily,

Surfing the net for hair products and protective styles.

Two weeks ago I came across a you tube channel talking about hair types 4c’s and all and I just decided that I have had enough.

Well back to my reason for writing this post.

So this guy just started at my work place, with his clean shoes and ambitious looks. I was on a curly pepper dem weave and for that week he was feeling the girl until puff I took my hair out and when he saw my short cropped natural hair those teases turned to serious waves.

LMAO. It was funny sha.

Adios people, have a great day and i shall update you on how my day turns out.

15 Songs I Will Live By This Weekend.

  1. Shape Of You cover– Terry Apala (well my bestie introduced me to Terry’s music and i have been hooked ever since, his style of music is so unique.)

2. Linda High-life– Jinmi Abduls ( Jinmi of Lagos!!, well i don tell you sey i go famz you. yes! ya all Jinmi is my friend and colleague. His dimple is to die for sha, plus his voice is definitely made to cure a tiring day. Please download his music oh! Thank me later.)

  1. Juice- YCEE
  2. Angela- The Lumineers
  3. Super Market Flowers- Ed Sheeran
  4. The Last Time- Taylor Swift
  5. Candles-Daughter Continue reading

There will be others.

You stand “Jejeli” at the bus stop on a Monday morning when you hear

Excuse me, sister, hi good afternoon…

Turning to look at who the voice is talking to, look left, right, backwards then back at him, you two are the only individuals at the bus stop. The owner of the voice who you are currently staring at is a twenty something year old man who you have never meet before stop racking your brain.

He has on a brilliant white shirt, ash pants, a christian louboutin bag with matching shoes. Good.

As you made to reply Continue reading

Quotes for the day.

”Birds born in cages think freedom is a crime”

Pretty in pink (Masculinity is a cage).

Dear Ugo,

Kedu ka i

si eme taa?, I hope it is not too cold down there, sorry o! tomorrow I will remember to bring a blanket along with me. I am writing you this letter to say I am sorry. I have wronged you greatly and for this reason I have come to tender all my sorry’s today. Sometimes I try to picture you as you were, but lately this seems more and more difficult to do. Ugo the sky looks angry today, it has been raining all week.

I am so sorry I had a bone stuck in my throat two moons ago at the departmental store when you put back that baby pink shirt with a simple thread design. My aunt, your mother had told you to pick a more masculine one. This is how remember you. Simple. mfe, my soft baby.

You picked black. Not the normal black, a darker black that reminded me of the color the bodies in supernatural turn to after demons depart from them, bodies burnt by fire.

I am sorry I did not open the lock on your cage earlier. Yes, a cage because in our society this is what I view masculinity to be. A Cage.

I am sorry I had a bone stuck in my throat and I wasn’t able to tell you that there in nothing bad or wrong in being a soft beautiful boy. Boys don’t have to develop a hard impenetrable shell to take care of their future families like your dad told you at age 8.

I am sorry I didn’t tell you there in nothing Continue reading