My village people followed me to Pennsylvania: the day power went out in PA

It finally happened oh, my Ibadan village people finally caught up with me one day like this.

Let me gist you guys on how this happened. Hmmmm, that was how i

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The story of how my weight made me (make’s me) scared of childbirth

Hey guy’s, so this is something i have written and re-written but i have refused to post out of… i don’t know maybe my heart was just waiting for the right moment. I guess the right moment came today, earlier this morning when i finally decided to speak my mind.

Let me firstly clarify this by saying this topic above is both relating and not relating to me, it’s just something i picked up along the way and i thought it intresting to share. You may never know who needs this so here it goes.

Okay so, i recently fell ill and i had to visit the hospital and my glorified Doctor “E” kept on grunting as he drew

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This thing called virginity

I was recently trying out a tampon as opposed to the heavily defence of a sanitary pad and this blog post came to me when my friend who was helping me out asked “are you a virgin?” Because it might be painful at first, lol, i laughed at this question and gave her the appropriate answer (lol please let’s just skip this part).

This took me back

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19 was fun, 20 much more better.

Hey guysssss, this adjustment program to Project Adulthood is going as slow as i never anticipated but right now i feel so exhausted, peep the picture below to see just how i feel lol.

Soooooo for ya’all that missed out, my birthday was on the 25th of June and a legend marked her 20th year on this earth on monday. On top all my mouth, you would expect

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Online hookups and 7th wheels

Guys ohhhhh, i think i might have to move my uploading schedule down a bit, this means like one blog post a week, instead of one every three days in order to deal with the consistency issue.

I don’t know how this might work out, but i would like

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If you earn 10M per month as a married man, how much will you give your working wife?

Hey guys, i usually don’t do this (use a conversation with people dear to me to do a write up) i was going to do a totally different post about needness but this is a very sensitive situation and i need to know if my opinion is valid on this matter (Daddy G.O let’s check out comments) In most African household i have close connections to the husband most of the time pays the wife an amount of money for her

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American’s, heart attacks and fear of blacks

Hey guyss, whatttttt goooooood. So you remember i told you i had funny experiences to share with you guys? Yea, this is one of them. It might be a bit short cause your baby girl is now an ATP (American Tax Payer), with a job and all but i hope you learn a thing or two.

I actually told my friend Miss B that one day, the average American Man or woman will legit

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