Love existing in already occupied spaces: Extra- Marital affairs.

Growing up for me has always been filled with lots of experiences. As a result of my body structure most people tend to think of me as being of age, well that what you get when you have awesome genes!

This experience i am about to share is personal and it

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The smell of failure.

Have you ever been so confident that you just finally decide that some things like failure just can’t happen to you? Well ladies and gentlemen i use to think so to until oh well thursday (more like 3 thursdays away).

I had just written this Mid semester exmaination and it seemes so unfailable, worst case scenario i thought

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Nigerians and the mentality behind trifted wares: #benddownselect

Hi guys, i picked this topic because i realized the growing rate at which trifted wares (also called benddown select, Okirika, sòòlé, or second hand wares) are becoming common in our environment today.

Day in day out various containers filled with these wares

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Have that one person: its just not personal.

So my graduating class activity kicked off on Sunday and it started with a rally, yeap all the way from Law city to the main campus. A very interesting scenerio happened and it opened my eyes to different facts which i will be writing here today.

Apparently i slept off

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“She who owns the pussy calls the shot”- A friendly chat with my modern day Woman friend.

So guys, i try my best to ride around the topic of feminism but the truth is oh well, i can’t really avoid it. Today i will be having an anonymous interview with a very good friend of mine. I hope she does justice to this subject.

1. LMAO, i just realised i can’t really ask an anonymous person to tell us about herself, but will you be willing to try?

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