This guy! are you still a blogger like this?

πŸ˜™SOTW: Sharpness- Jamie WoonπŸ˜™

Oreofe you used to own a blog one time like that,

Oreofe i miss your blog updates,

Oreofe what happened to blogging 😫😫😫

Theses are some of the confrontations i got upon taking a two months unplanned break from posting blog updates (pwehhhhh!!! So you guys love me 😎 and you all lowkey form James Bond).

Guyssssss, People of the lord 😁😁😁 i and Africa (my Bitmoji who just got a totally new face life, talking about some new year, new me shittttt) would like to

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A cat chased me: Visiting Kalakuta, a party with Fela’s panties.

Address: 7 Gbemisola St, Allen 100281, Ikeja.

Price: Not over 2k

This title might sound funny, but trust me, when you’re in this situation as a person whose opinion about cats has been tainted by years of bad Nollywood T.V πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘it’s not funny at all.

If you know me you know that I have a phobia for cats. I absolutely do not like cats at all. I know you all say cat’s are cute, fluffy, blah blah butttt, i seriously do not like cat’s.

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Expanding on 5 Love Lessons i picked up from Pst Phillip Baptiste: Reminiscing my last “SPRI CO CO” IN BABCOCK UNIVERSITY.

Hi guyssss, what’s up, how was you week 😎 scratch that don’t answerπŸ˜‘. I am lowkey, lowkey, just a little bit mad at Y’all who won’t suscribe #haters.

Like fam are you really a part of the Oreo train? Like do you even understand Loyalty 😞 shezzzz.Anyway i am assuming you suscribed.

As most of you already know I am a Babcock University graduate πŸ˜‰ and in case you didn’t know well now you know.

We have this thing we call “spiricoco” (Spiritual week) at my school. Basically all the university’s (I mean all the private universities, ok maybe not all private universities, maybe private religious universities) the one’s you guys tag as glorified secondary schools (I still don’t know why tho) have Christian programs they run during school sessions which they believe will help in bringing the students closer to God πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ (isn’t this lovely).

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Bougie in Lagos: A review of Landmark beach.

On today’s episode of me touring (more like stumbling) exciting places in Lagos I will be reviewing a private beach in Lagos called DING, DING, DING…
ADDRESS: Landmark Village, 4 Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos


I and my friends who i call Lagos Tourist decided to visit this beach mainly because it is a private one. If you frequent beaches

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Interviewer interviewed:#Tea time with a legend πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

Quote of the week: These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they will do, and maybe boy someday these boots are gonna walk all over you.

I have always wanted to be interviewed for the longest time, so i was almost falling off my bed in excitement when Truth (I call her Tuttyyy Frutty) asked to interview me for a weekly piece she runs. Ayeeeeee!!!!

She wanted to get to know me, how i started writing, my journey and why i write. Enjoy guys.

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Since the whole world seems to be talking about music #brownskingirl, (thank you Beyonce) i figured why not add a little musical spice up here myself. In the spirit of Lion King, I decided to bless you fine people with one of my favourite lyrics. Yea one i scream my lungs out on when singing in the shower .

At the top of the list ladies and gentleman we have RIDE BY LANA DEL RAY.

I hope this speaks to you as it always does to me. Enjoy.

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The future of Ties: An interview with Mr. Ohaji of Drip Ties.

So i have with me today a very, very handsome, tall, light skin bobo. Sitting with me today is the one and only CEO of DripTie’s. Oh and he also happens to be my friend.

1. Welcome my darling, can we get to know you?

Thank you for having meπŸ™πŸ».
Princewill is an International Law Consultant, Fashionpreneur, Problem Solver and a passionate youth whose drive is towards

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AN UPDATE ON MY PRE-21 BIRTHDAY BUCKET LIST: when we make plan’s, God laughs.

I have a friend who stays away from making plans by saying “let’s see how it goes”.

I just might adopt this philosophy to life but, me being an over thinker i doubt if i will go very far with it.

Earlier last month, i made a post here on a few things i intended to do before i turned 21 (which by the way was on the 25TH of June).

Image result for GIF OF DANCING

Did i go very far? did i accomplish my goals? well the answer goes thus: “the most important thing is

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