Its not everyday we get to see African writers go with the mythological theme or genre. Today i will be doing a Cover reveal for a book i have read (you guys have to wait a while to read yours tho), been captivated by and found it to be absolutely stunning.

If you know me, you know i live for legends and mythology. So dunh, dunh, dunhhhhhhhhh.

i don’t know why this guy looks so scary but this is not my intention.

Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Because i finally had mercy on

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You simply can’t keep secrets in a Nigerian home: my mum found Condom’s.

Reasons why i can’t keep secrets in my Nigerian home include:

My mother

My mother

My mother

My mother……….

You get. Sigh.

It all started on a sunny sunday 😂. My mother and sister

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A casual afternoon at Burg, Ikeja.

One fly won’t let me eat in peace but i must admit, the customer service at this location is 7/10 better than most Establishments in Lagos. Very nice.

I’m not like fully into this post yet, but I just want to make an awesome remark on this awesome method they have (awesome twice, i know!). So after you make your order they have like this little tags (automated of course) which is being given to you when you make an order. This tag flashes a red light to let you know that your order is ready. Like isn’t that cool!

I wanted to visit

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Chicken Republic saved my life. Food actually saved my life today!

There are really three types of people in this world, the water users, the tissue users and there’s the hybrid “combinators” of both. I won’t tell you which one i am, you go figure it out. That is “if my experience is worth fascinating over to you”.

So we girls know that there are impossible times when you think your period ended and you go padless, surprisingly for it to pop up later that day or one day short. Like, i live for surprises but this isn’t my kind of vibe durrrrr. (This can be so annoying i swear because Always Ultra now cost N450 in my area and if you are heavy flow *sigh* longer sanitary products can cost as high as N1,000 for 6 towels. Haba, Eve why!)

Em, so that annoying moment when you had nothing but plain white yesterday only to be faced by Madam Koi Koi the middle of the next day?

Yaz, yeap, yes this

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PRE-21st BUCKET LIST: Things i intend to do before i turn 21!

Have you ever had that feeling of ‘i should be doing something better with my life’? Yea, that’s kind of my situation right now.

These past 3 months have got me thinking about the temporariness of life. I mean, one day you are 15 crying over your first heartbreak, and poof suddenly you are 60 and you can’t get away with doing things you wish you could have done.

Lewis Carroll gave a quote and it says “IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have,and the decisions we waited too long to make.” In the goodwill of time waits for no one, i have decided

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International Women’s day and Skirtsuits.

Hi guysssss, happy International womens day!

Today, i will be sharing with you lessons or rather key point’s on a lecture i attended on the theme “spirited woman, balanced for change”. This is actually meant to help you glide through cooperate society as a woman. CAUTION, this will be raw and devoid of pampering. I hope you do take very useful feathers from the cap of this blog post. Thank you, thank you.

We can’t claim to wear rose coloured glasses, there is a change, a very intentional change spreading, women are taking over the reins of being recognised globally. You can call it a shift in global paradigm.


I have highlighted lessons below, (even better, they are ten in number) lessons, which are mantras i will try inconculating into my daily activies. They are fun, precise and are layered out to bring you to becoming a more balanced woman in the spirited race of life.

1. You need to pick your battles yea, but some battles need to be fought:

We need to place a pause on the saying “he who stays quite, lives to fight another day” (i am so sure, it doesn’t really put it this way, but you get). We as women need to speak up, don’t look on and watch individuals push you out of the game “fortune favours the brave” speak up, give your suggestions, share your opinions, Continue reading

LIFE IS TOO SHORT’19: Happy Belated New Year.

Happy Belated New Year GUYsssssssss!

2019 Mantra: LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

This is officially the first blog post of year 2019, i must admit i am so excited but i also must clarify your doubts. Yes, life of Oreofe is still a Blogger. Yes, i still blog. A girl just took a break (it wasn’t all that deserving *rolls eyes*). Nothing spectacular

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