On 14 Signs he/she is cheating and all its Hocus-Pocus(es).

So today i woke up with this urge to listen to marvin gaye’s- sexual healing, oh yeaaaa!!!

Someone woke up goooooddd.

It was all rock and roll until i came upon this newspaper article that read “14 signs he/she is cheating or about to leave” trust me na! I sharply started reading and halfway through making jokes about signs that almost matched my own situationship, i got bored and used the articule page as a table cover😂😂😂😂

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On getting a love letter in this century and a beautiful one too!

Hey guyssss, so remember how i ranted about how i wanted to get a love letter? (Click here to read) Sooooo, someone wrote me one! His name is Jerry Perri, he runs a very, very cool blog and here is the letter he wrote me. Jer i must confess when i read your letter i laughed so hard when i got to the signature part, i realized you paid attention.

Thank you.

Love Letter To Oreofe


Dearest Oreofe,

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On short forms and why they disgust ME.

TTM was writting widely in my messanger and it too me a little over a minute to interpret it into “TALK TOMORROW”, i felt respect seeping out of my veins, this says a lot about this guy,  if he couldn’t type out “talk to you tomorrow” in full, how am i sure he is going to have the patience to listening to me in the future and fulfilling the hardwork of paying me enough attention to make me want to stay with him? ISHHHH

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Of African men and secure insecurity: an inquiry into what goes on in the mind of an African more precisely Nigerian man.

Having dated and experienced stuffs from all walks of life, i almost came to the conclusion that maybe they are not the problem, maybe i am. Thank the good Lord for blowing the breeze of “receive sense” into my life.

I am at a crossroad of determining if African Nigerian men in theirselves are truly Continue reading

Be your number one fan

When i was wayyyyyyy, much younger, i would expect my friends to have my back all the time, like for example, the fact that i dont talk to someone meant my friends also automatically do not get to hangout with those people too. To me it was a loyalty game.

But as i got older i started realising, Continue reading