AN UPDATE ON MY PRE-21 BIRTHDAY BUCKET LIST: when we make plan’s, God laughs.

I have a friend who stays away from making plans by saying “let’s see how it goes”.

I just might adopt this philosophy to life but, me being an over thinker i doubt if i will go very far with it.

Earlier last month, i made a post here on a few things i intended to do before i turned 21 (which by the way was on the 25TH of June).

Image result for GIF OF DANCING

Did i go very far? did i accomplish my goals? well the answer goes thus: “the most important thing is

that we have our health” (Also stolen from a friend). Not that i steal a lot oh 😂😂

Image result for GIF OF SIGH

I never got to travel to a new place, neither did i solo travel within Nigeria, but i did get to save N15K every month (i have found my calling in financial planning LOL).


Image result for GIF OF SIGH

I may get to do these things later, i don’t really know but as a wise friend once told me, “when we make plans God laughs” from now onwards my mantra for planning thinhs like these remain “let’s just see how it goes”.

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