What is Life Of Oreofe?

Hi newcomer!

Welcome to my space.

My name is Oreofe Ishola AKA Oreo, a Nigerian lifestyle blogger (from this you already know this is a lifestyle blog).

I love reading African literature (not so much), but i prefer writing, i loveeeeee music and i am a bad dancer (a very, very bad one).

Do come along with i and my Bitmoji (Africa) as we try as much as possible to bring you relatable content, being passed across in a very humorous manner.

We promise to make you laugh and sometimes ponder on issues you never considered.

We also do collaborations (this is for my guest bloggers), product reviews as well as book reviews.

Current Status:

Waiting for my rich alhaji with his truck load of money to come fulfill my wanderlust dream.

Want to keep in touch okay!

You can send me a mail on: Isholaoreofe@yahoo.com

A message on facebook: @ Ishola Oreofe

My glorified IG account: @life_of_oreofe or @adukiduki

The ever dramatic twitter account: @tope_ng

Thank you!

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